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Barbara A. Kulle

• Medical Hypnotherapist
• Healing Touch Practitioner
• Reiki Master
• Poetry Therapist


In 1996 I founded, Heartwood, a Relaxation Therapy Practice, to offer a safe place for clients to come into awareness. I use a unique combination of hypnosis and energy medicine to assist you, as you begin initiating changes at a deep level. Hypnosis, by slowing the brain waves, allows you to access the deeper levels and tap into the mind/body connection. By letting go of all judgment and negative attitudes, you can begin to create positive changes in your life. The process is about developing awareness in the moment so that you can begin making choices that honor you. Your session is designed around your needs, your goals and your commitment to step into new patterns. This is your opportunity to let go of old negative patterns and initiate change at a deep level. This process is goal oriented and your success is based on your motivation to initiate change in your life.

Barbara Kulle, Medical Hypnotherapist, Healing Touch Practitioner and Reiki Master

Your Therapist is your guide.

You are always in control!

Barbara Kulle


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Barbara Kulle - Hypnotherapist, Healing Touch Practitioner, Reiki Master - Mountain View California


Benefits of Relaxation Therapy

  • Weight Loss
  • Reduce Stress
  • Improve Self Confidence
  • Enhance Memory
  • Fertility and Childbirth
  • Release Anxiety and Phobias
  • Manage Chronic Pain
  • Improve Job Performance
  • Enhance Personal & Professional Relationships
  • Promote Your Bodies Natural Healing Abilities
  • Learn to make Healthy Choices




I recommend highly the poetry therapy work of Barbara Kulle. She offers this remarkable and powerful healing tool with great sensitivity. By great sensitivity I mean Barbara has a depth of maturity that recognizes the unique and sacred nature of each person. Her practice, rooted in that respectful recognition (rather than in some generalized way) allows her work with poetry to act as a catalyst to your creative spark. That self-empowerment is the best way to encourage healing.

John Fox,
The Institute for Poetic Medicine



I offer all new clients a free 15 minute consult. The relationship of client/therapist is based on trust. The ability to relax and surrender into the moment is an important aspect of hypnotherapy and energy work. If my client does not feel safe and comfortable the process is greatly compromised.




The definition of hypnosis is simply focused concentration. All hypnosis is self hypnosis. Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool that can create significant change in your attitudes and behaviors.


Healing Touch and Reiki help to restore balance in the human energy field. The work is complimentary to other healing modalities in health care.


Poetry, used as a therapeutic tool, awakens a connection and awareness to the rhythm of change that moves through all things.


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Hypnotherapy | Healing Touch | Reiki | Relaxation Therapy - Mountain View, Los Altos, Menlo Park, CA

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